How to keep Flawless Skin throughout the winter

  Okay, so it’s finally fall! Time to pull out your fave sweaters, scarves and those cute boots! But wait, Did I put on lotion this morning? or even the night before? I’m pretty sure I did…but, my arms and legs seem really dry.

    Well, here’s a few tips to keep your skin moisturized through the winter. 

  1.  Take shorter showers! Keep you cleansing routine short, and use lukewarm water and maybe a cleansing bath oil that won’t strip your skin like soap. (Aveeno skin relief shower and bath oil, $9, drugstores.)
  2. Exfoliateexfoliate and EXFOLIATEgently. You should use a sugar scrub twice a week to clear away all the dead skin. 
  3. Lock in Hydration. After you shower, pat yourself dry(don’t rub). Then apply moisturizer.

I know you just love that lotion with a special scent inside, but it’s time to throw it out, because that lotion maybe the cause of what’s drying your skin out. Also, remember that sweater i was talking about earlier, that may also be another reason why your skin is so dry.  I hope this helps keeps your skin flawless!


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