My Fashion Journal-Nov.2012

Since November is coming to an end, I wanted to shine a light on my fall style! This journal is just a few of my must-haves, my absolute obsessions, and the wildest shoes!

  • Cheetah print: I am in love with cheetah print! I have two pair of shoes that have a cheetah print design on them, and they look so fun and flirty! They really bring out my WILD side.
  • Faux fur/ leather jacket: Just because it’s getting cold, doesn’t mean you have to cover up with big bulky jackets. Just wear leather jacket, not only are they stylish, but their super chic! You can go, punk rock, or really flirty and feminine!
  • Sweaters: I LOVE sweaters, their soft, light, bulky, or sparkly! They can be anything you want them to be! You can also layer your sweaters, or pair them with a nice leather jacket! Sweaters are my favorite fall item!
  • Blouses: These are my signatures.  The blouses, especially with the beads on the collar or embroidery on the shoulders, now that’s my kind of blouse!

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