Stressed from school? Family problems? Relationship issues? Anxiety?

Whatever it is that is bothering you this December,  I wanted to help you cope with whatever those things may be.You may have already tried this, or have probably heard of it, but i think these tips will help you. To help you with whatever your dealing with, try meditating.  This will help reduce your stress level, which will help make your hair grow! But before the growing process, I wanted to give you some knowledge on the art of ‘meditating’. There are three different types of meditating:

  1. Guided meditation: this meditation is guided by an instructor.
  2. Mindfulness meditation: This is to focus your attention on the flow of your breath. This meditation can help you  focus more on how you feel without any reaction or judgment at all. This should help you feel more emotionally balanced.
  3. Transcendental meditation: you’ve probably seen this one in the movies. This one is meditating by using a sound or a word. The point of this meditation is to clear your mind of any distractions., you should feel more relaxed and awake.

A few things you will need to start meditating:

  1. Find a quiet place
  2. Then get into a comfortable position. (like sitting or laying down.)
  3. Think of a focal point. It could be a single word, the flow of your breath or the present moment. Or, you can do what i do. I empty my mind of all thoughts, and just relax.

I hope all of these things put a smile on your face, and maybe your hair even got longer.

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