The Cool Cafe

The album cover

The album cover


Top favorites:

  1. Find you Somewhere
  2. The coolest
  3. Cries
  4. Cruze
  5. Hello
  6. Know why
  7. Pharaohs
  8. Pumped up kicks(like me)

Those are my favorite songs from Jaden Smiths album (The Cool Cafe)!  I love the whole album, but these are the ones that I listen to EVERY day.  His songs are so raw; you can really tell that it’s coming from his heart.  He does rap in all of the songs, but it’s a kind of slow sort of rap. (If that even makes sense?) But, it works for him, and that’s just his style. After listening to the WHOLE album, I know why he named it The Cool Cafe, because his songs are just chill and mellow.  Not all of his songs, are a fast tempo, most of them, are kind of slow. In his songs, it feels like he’s talking to you, like this album is his personal diary and he’s just spilling everything about his personal life. A lot of his songs, are about, his past relationships, his friends and the “MSFTS”.  His album isn’t completely different from what’s already out there,  it does have similarities, but he makes it his own and I think that’s what’s going to make it a big success.

How I got the Album:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on download cool tape vol. 1 here.
  3. Then hit the red download button.

Comment below on how much you LOVE this album.


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