The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Who else watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night? Well, I DID!  Every year, I look forward to watching the sexiest show on earth! Every girl out there just dreams of being an “Angel” or at least sitting in the audience! So, with that being said, I just had to write my own little review on the Show!

I think the best parts of the show, were the performances! Justin, Rihanna, and Bruno all did an AMAZING performance!  Bruno Mars performed one of my favorite songs; Locked out of Heaven. Rihanna performed her “Shine Bright like a Diamond”, it was PHENOMENAL!  Last, but certainly not least, Justin Beiber and must I say after that performance, I’m a BELIEBER!

Each year, I’m excited to see the new themes they come up with! This year, was just as EPIC as all the other years. But here a just a few of the themes:

  • Circus- It set the theme for the entire show. They really took the audience on a journey through the Victoria Secret fantasy. It was bold, glamorous, and GLITTERY.
  • Dangerous Liaisons- It’s all about seduction.
  • Calendar Girls- The main thing about calendar girls, is that it’s FUN.  The models were in costumes that reflected certain holidays in each month!
  • Pink- They wanted each of the models to be different toys! This theme was my favorite, because it was just FUN and FRESH.
  • Silver Screen Angels- One of the most glamorous themes of the night! The costumes had exquisite beading, and luxurious fabrication.
  • Angels in Bloom- Each model looked like a flower, it was beautiful!

The other highlight of the show was the commercials! I absolutely loved the commercials! They were seductive, and sexy, and it totally made me wants to go out and buy something from Victoria Secret.   Victoria Secret never disappoints, they always raise the bar and I just don’t know how they do it, but they do it!


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