My Winter Beauty Notebook


Well, it’s not officially “winter” yet, but I just decided to go ahead and give you guys my winter beauty notebook! This “notebook” just has ALL of the latest beauty trends, and the latest hair, makeup, and nails! I hope you LOVE my notebook!


So, if you really want to be the highlight of the party, then paint your nails and embellish them with beads! Trust me, everybody will LOVE it!  So go check out your local salon, I would recommend getting a Mani and pedi!


I absolutely love fragrances! Every day, I have to put on some type of perfume! I mainly like to stick to one scent, because people can identify my “scent.” But, anyway here are just a few fragrances that you will LOVE.

  • Secret Angel Gold- Now, I don’t know about you but for me, Victoria Secret always hit’s the bulls-eye with their fragrances! Their fragrances are so unique and so sexy, I love them!  Secret Angel Gold is $45 for 1 0z.,
  • Princess- I am falling in LOVE, with Vera! Her new collection Princess is awesome! This fragrance is very whimsical; it makes me feel like a princess! The fragrance bottle itself is fit for a princess!
  • Too Too Pretty- I mean, the title says it all! This fragrance is very BOLD, I love it. Too Too Pretty is by Betsey Johnson, $62 for 1.07 oz.,


Hmm, hair bling? Putting an extra WOW into your everyday outfit by adding gold chains or rhinestones to your hair! I think this is super cute!  Just by adding a rhinestone hair pin it will add that extra “WOW” factor to your outfit! Forever 21 has some cute hair bling for a  cheap price!

Some trendy hairstyles for the winter! Trust me, I see everyone putting their hair up like this!

  • Spiral braid- I don’t really think it’s a braid, but it sounds cool. I even do this to my hair sometimes. So, just take a small section of your hair (somewhere in the front) and just twist it. Twist it tightly, then once you’ve twisted that whole section of hair get a bobby pin and secure it to the back of your head.
  • Edgy Topknot- So, to pull this edgy ballerina bun look off, all you have to do is tease your hair (like crazy).  Then, swirl it all at the top, so it looks like a bun!
  • A romantic up do- If you have strong cheek bones, I would recommend doing this hairstyle.  All you have to do is curl face-framing strands, then pull the rest back!

A week of Beauty

Seven days a week, and each day try something different with your look!

  1. Monday: On Monday I would go all natural, because I’d still be in the weekend mood, so I’d still be tired. I would, wash my face, with my homemade face mask, then I’d just put on some lip gloss.
  2. Tuesday: Mega lashes!  I would put on some Cover Girl Lash Blast Clump Crusher Mascara! This mascara really makes my eyes pop, and makes my lashes SUPER long! I would probably do a spiral braid, to pull my bangs back.
  3. Wednesday: I would put on a bronzer, to make my skin tone look even.
  4. Thursday:  I would give myself a manicure, and paint my nails a saucy red, then make up some design to put on them!
  5. Friday: Friday is my lazy day, so I would probably put my hair in a messy topknot, and call it a day.
  6. Saturday: Colorful lips! I would add a pop of color to my face, by adding some color to my lips! The color would probably be red, since that’s my favorite color, and because red looks good on everyone.
  7. Sunday: Today, I will definitely be letting my outfit do all the talking today!

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