DIY mugs

Okay, so if your running out of ideas for gifts this Christmas, I have the perfect solution! Have you ever heard of a DIY mug?  Well, basically, it’s where you get a plain white mug, and decorate it!  Just follow these simple steps!

  • Plain white mug – You can also use a plain white cup. (but preferably use a mug)
  • Sharpie/ paint pen- Now all you need is a sharpie! (I wouldn’t recommend using paint, because it will chip when you put your mug in the oven.)
  • bake- when your done decorating your mug, put it in the oven. Turn the temperature to 350 (degrees) and leave it in their for thirty minutes.

That was easy, right? Here are a few pictures of my finished product!

DIY mustache mug

DIY mustache mug



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