DIY purse

So, are you looking for ways to spice up that old purse of yours? You know, it’s a plain solid colored bag, and goes great with most outfits. But, it’s missing that WOW factor! Well, I have just the thing that will help spice it up!

This DIY project literally took me 15-20 minutes to complete.  You don’t have to go to the store to buy anything, unless you don’t own a purse or nail polish.

Things you’ll need:

  • A solid colored purse. (Does not matter which size, shape, fabric, etc.)
  • Three of your favorite colored nail polish. Or, you could just do three colors that really go with the color of the purse.
  • Newspaper


Now that you’ve got all of that laid out in front of you. Here’s what you do first:

  1. Lay out the newspaper.
  2. Lay your purse down flat on the newspaper.
  3. Get your nail polish ready.
  4. Now, flicker your nail polish onto the purse. (This will create a splatter effect.)
  5. Now repeat the last step with all your other nail polish colors that you’ve chosen. You can splatter as much nail polish as you want onto your purse. (Less is more.)
  6. Now hang your purse, to dry over night!

I hope this made your bag look super cute! ENJOY! comment below if you tried it.
cute splatter purse girl with a splattered purse

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