DIY Home Recipe’s to Get Rid of Frizz


Hey, you! Yeah you, girl with the frizzy hair. Are you tired of your hair ALWAYS being frizzy? Do you hate going to the store to buy name brand hair products that don’t you justice? Do you need some tips, for keeping your frizz under control? Well, if so you’ve come to the right place! Here are three DIY home recipes’ to get rid of FRIZZ!


  • Lime/coconut milk:


All you need for this recipe is, ONE LIME and COCONUT MILK! Now get an empty container, pour the whole can of coconut milk into that container. Then cut the lime in half, and squeeze the juice into the same container. NOW MIX! (let it sit over night.) *Coconut milk can actually benefit your hair in SOOO many ways! So when you mix the coconut milk and the lime together it tames the hair! Not only does it tame, it’s good for hair loss!


  • Honey/plain yogurt:


All you need for this recipe is, NATURAL HONEY and PLAIN YOGURT.Now get an empty bowl, and mix the two together! It doesn’t really matter how much you put in there, but try not to use a lot.  Wet your hair, apply it to your hair and then let it sit. (no more than two hours)* The yogurt will help smooth out your hair! The honey will help moisturize your hair.


  • Daily conditioner/extra virgin olive oil:


All you need is, DAILY CONDITIONER and EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.Mix the two together, *don’t use too much!

girl with frizzy hair


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