Valentines Day Wish-list

peter pan collar. from

So Cute!

As we all know (hopefully), that Valentines Day is coming up in 12 DAYS! I am so excited, because hope I get lots of presents! I officially made my wish list, and I hope I get everything that I want! My ABSOLUTE must-haves for February, our all on this wish list!


  • Pink Lace: I was looking online, and I saw this scarf.  I must say I’m in love!  This pink floral lace scarf is online at!
  • Sweat Heart Sweater: Hearts are just so filled with love, and sweaters are just filled with warmth! Once you put those two together, you get an adorable pullover sweater with a bright red heart in the middle of it!



  • Shoulder Bag: My new obsession for spring, are shoulder bags! This one especially is SUPER cute, and PINK! What more could a girl ask for?
  • Flats: I we all should know by now, that I’m obsessed with FLATS! My mom got me some for Christmas, and it was like love at first sight!  For this Valentines Day, I WANT these lipstick red faux suede flats from!
  • Peter Pan: I have been obsessed with these ALL winter! Who doesn’t LOVE peter pan collared necklaces?


heart shaped crossbody bag from

This color is to die for!

heart studded flats from

I love the color RED, and I love FLATS! RED+FLATS=LOVE

heart pullover sweater from

I heart sweaters!

pink lace scarf from

What can I say, its PINK!



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