Building Your Wardrobe

Is your closet getting a little…dirty? Well your lucky, because today I’m going to be help you ‘build your wardrobe’! Now, nobody can assemble a perfect wardrobe in a day, it takes time. I constantly buy the latest fashion magazines, and watch The Fashion Police for inspiration! My style evolves all the time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you just have to be organized. So, with that being said lets start out with our key pieces or ‘the basics’.

Key Pieces

  • The little Black Dress: After nearly a century the little black dress is still one of the greatest fashion creations ever! The little black dress is essential to ever women’s wardrobe! Luckily, it’s not that hard to find one, since every designer seems to have at least one variation.  So, if you don’t have a little black dress, then you need to get one! (Or at least a dress.)
  • Jeans: I have at least ten pairs of jeans. Jeans are an essential item to the American uniform.  A dark wash is the most versatile: Blacks and deep blues are super flattering. Once you find the perfect pair of jeans that fit like a glove, then your all set!
  • White/black t-shirts: These are also essential to the American uniform! You should at least have, one white/black shirt in your closet. (It’s just that essential) Many of my outfits require a solid white/black t-shirt and then I add a blazer and some jewelry and I’m good to go!
  • Shoes: In my wardrobe, my shoe colors are neutral.  I have a lot of sneakers (Vans and Converse are my favorites.), and then I have even MORE flats! My heels and boots are neutral colors, like black and nude. The reason why I go for the neutral colors is because they go with most of my outfits.
  • Skirts: I’m not big on skirts or dresses.  But I do have two skirts, their maxi skirts!
  • Blazers/coats: A well-cut jacket is a great layering piece, and it can definitely pull together any outfit! Everybody has a jacket, because everybody needs a jacket!

Where to splurge and where to save

Rule #1: You don’t always have to splurge to look good.

The trick to building your wardrobe is knowing what to splurge on.  QUESTION: Should you spend $400 dollars on a dress that all your friends are raving about? But you only wear it once, or maybe twice. ANSWER:  No! Why waste $400 dollars on one item that you’ll maybe wear once in your whole lifetime! So instead of saving up $400 dollars to buy one thing, I would buy multiple things!

My favorite place to shop that has the best SALES is Forever 21! Forever 21 is already inexpensive, but the sales just blow me threw the roof! I also like to shop at department stores, cause their stuff is always inexpensive!
Wardrobe basic denim metallic jacket the little black dress studded ballet flats chiffon skirt


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