How To Shop

Now, I know for some of you shopping may be really easy. But, for the majority of us ‘fashionista’s’ it’s often a difficult task. You can’t just go into your favorite store, with no strategy, no budget and no proper equipment! With that being said, this brings me to my first conclusion:

Shopping, the right way

Now, whenever you planning to shop and I mean really shop, there are a few things your need to have in order to get ready.

  1. A strategy: Before you step into that department store/boutique you need to bring you’re a-game! You need to make a mental list (or an actual list.) of what you’re planning on buying. Before I even step into the mall, I already have my list in my head. First, I start with things I need, like jeans or t-shirts. Then, I do the things I want, like more jewelry or some shoes. *If you’re doing like a shopping spree with your friends, and you saved up a lot of money for it. Then just buy whatever the heck you want, unless you actually want to stick to a list! *
  2. A budget: You can’t just walk into a store and expect NOT to buy anything. I always have to have money on me, whenever I go into ANY type of store (bookstore, game store, Chick fil-a, etc.). I just can’t NOT buy something it’s not in my nature; I just have to buy at least something! So, with that being said, either plan out your budget before hand or just come prepared with money.
  3. Proper Equipment: What I mean by proper equipment is your luggage.  Your purse, wallet, pocket and etc.  Whenever I go shopping it’s usually an all day thing, so I pack a water bottle and a few snacks in my purse. Because, I’d rather spend all my money on clothes, than food. I pack some food/water, just in case I get dehydrated, or if I get hungry waiting in those long lines!

Mastering the dressing rooms

I personally hate, trying on clothes in the dressing rooms just because:

  1. Some dressing rooms, don’t even have doors, they have curtains, or something that doesn’t lock.
  2. Some of the dressing rooms are really dirty, dark and cluttered.
  3. Most of the time, I’m lazy and just don’t feel like undressing then redressing then undressing again and then redressing. (Confusing, I know.)

But, trying on your clothes before your buy them is really important. I cannot stress how important it is, to try your clothes on before you buy them. That’s the most important factor in making a purchase! If the clothes don’t fit, then get a bigger/smaller size. Maybe you don’t like that color, then you should get a different color. What if the clothes have rips and holes in them? You can’t just look at a shirt/pant and say it fits, because every designer has different sizing.  The color of that shirt/dress may look good on the racks, but when it’s on you, no.  You also need to examine your clothes for any holes or rips and stains!

Return policies

Return policies are for those people who totally skipped the last section. That’s really all I have to say for this section. If you don’t try on your clothes, and waste twenty dollars on a shirt that doesn’t fit you, then I’m sorry but your screwed. Because, some stores offer a return policy of thirty days, or whatever, but that doesn’t mean you get all your money back. Also, if it was a discounted item, they might not even let you return that!


I really love sales. Whenever I see a 50% off sale sign at Forever21, I literally scream. I start freaking out, and I run to the back of the store where the sales rack is, and I just go crazy. (The kraken has been unleashed.) Sales/discounts are the best things ever invented. I’m a sucker for discounted items, and I know a good bargain when I see one! Most of the time with sales/discounts, the store is trying to get rid of it’s old, out of season stuff. That is the downside to sales. Because, some of their stuff may be ripped, or just completely out of style, and occasionally you find that really cute item that you can’t believe you got on sale!

The thing about me is that I try to shop when I know there are going to be sales/discounts. So about around the end/start of each season there will be sales!

Quantity over quality

Most of the time, I just go straight to the sales rack, and buy ten items for $45 or less. So, basically you could say I go for quantity instead of quality and sometimes, that can be a bad thing.  Because:

  1. The clothes could be ripped or stained. (That’s probably why the clothes are on sale in the first place.)
  2. The clothes could be the wrong size.
  3. The clothes could be fading.

I like to have a lot of stuff; it’s just in my nature. But, sometimes it’s better to have quality stuff. Just, be very cautious when shopping.


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