Perfecting Your Closet

Now, let’s set the scene:

You’ve just finished a major shopping spree, and now you have no room for all of your new clothes in your closet! First thing you need to do, is NOT freak out. I know a lot of people tend to freak out a lot, but it’s going to be okay! I’m going to show you guys how to organize your closet!

Revising your closet

Take out everything in your closet and put it on your bed or in a corner. Make sure you have a few trash bags. Now, you need to try every single thing on:

  1. If you try something on that is ripped, it goes in the trash bag.
  2. If you try something on that you can’t fit anymore, or you just don’t like it anymore than put it in a separate bag to go to a charity. (Goodwill or the Salvation Army.)
  3. If you try on something, that you really love, then it’s a keeper!

Once your done with that, you can start taking the clothes that you want to keep and put them in your closet. You can either organize my color/pattern, or by season. I separate, tops from bottoms and coats. So one section of my closet has long/short sleeve shirts, sweaters and blouses. The other section has coats, jackets and dresses. The last section has dress pants, jeans and skirts.

How to handle clothes properly

  • If you’re going to hang things up in your closet, I would suggest getting lots of hangers. When hanging up my clothes I only hang up my statement pieces, like blouses, sweaters, cardigans, and dresses.  (I also hang up my jeans, and skirts.)
  • If you put some of your clothes on a shelf: I create stacks of folded items. I put the bulkiest pieces on the bottom, and then the lighter pieces on the tops.
  • If you put your clothes in a drawer: I use my dresser to store things that I don’t usually want to be seen: socks, t-shirts, underwear, tank tops, bathing suits and workout clothing.

The emotional part

Okay, this is by far the hardest part in this whole process. Remember those bags of all that stuff that was ripped and didn’t fit you? Yeah, it’s time to give those away, sadly. Okay, there are two things you can do here:

  1. You can put the old stuff in a bag, and leave it under your bed for a few weeks or months. Then after those weeks/months are over you can see if there are still some things in their that your still interested in.  If you don’t find anything interesting, then send it to a charity.
  2. You can put the clothes in a bag, and send them to a charity. You don’t have to wait, just go on with your life and give the clothes to a charity.

Swapping clothes

I’ve actually never tried this before, but some of my friends have done this and they seem to like it! So basically, you bring some clothes, then you get some of your friends to bring some of their clothes, and you guys just swap. Just exchange your clothes, instead of money!



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