THREE Beauty Trends for Spring

This spring say, “bye, bye” to the edgy look, and say “hello” to a more feminine side.  With spring just around the corner I’m already stocking up on the latest! Today I’m going to give you three trends that are coming up this spring!


Pastel eyes


Smoky eyes no more! Now it’s about a totally sweet vibe! I would recommend a light eye shadow.  My favorite colors are lavender, pink and mint!


Neon Liner


These colors will sure get you noticed! If you really want to light up the room, try neon eyeliner! The brightness from the liner will really draw people to the eyes!


Striped nails


This is one of my all time favorites! I definitely will be putting stripes on my nails! My favorite nail colors for this spring are, blue, crimson, and gold!



3 responses to “THREE Beauty Trends for Spring

  1. Its great to have more interesting, lively bold shades instead of the usual taupes etc. I’m looking forward to summer this year. Chanel are bringing out some wild mascara shades for the summer too

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