The All American Uniform

Now, when I say “uniform”, I don’t mean those scratchy outdated khaki pants you’d have to wear if you were in private school. I’m talking about the everyday or common day outfit that all Americans wear.  I’m talking the basics, jeans and a t-shirt. Those things are what make up the all American uniform. Those are also, my two favorite things to wear.  A simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans will never go out of style.


Who ever invented t-shirts should win a prize, in my opinion. T-shirts have come along way. They used to be, your ‘lazy day’ clothes, but now if you find a really cute graphic t-shirt and pair it with a skirt it looks really chic. I LOVE t-shirts, I have so many t-shirts it’s unbelievable. The one thing that I really love about t-shirts is how simple they are. I love simple things, because they can be changed into something awesome! That is exactly what t-shirts do! The other good thing about t-shirts is that you can find them in almost any store, it could be a bookstore and you’d still find a t-shirt! I personally think that t-shirts look good on any and all body types! T-shirts are just so fun and versatile I LOVE them!

Finding the right sleeve length

It’s weird how dramatically the length of your sleeve can affect the look of a T-shirt. Sometimes the length you put them at, might not look right.  You want the sleeve to hit at:

  1. A thin point of your arm
  2. A point where your muscle peaked

The length of your sleeve can look flattering or just make you look bigger.

How to keep whites white

  1. Soak the stained area in hydrogen peroxide. (I would dilute the hydrogen peroxide in water.)
  2. Put an aspirin into the washing machine. (Wait till it’s full of water.)
  3. Soak the t-shirt in vinegar and water. One tablespoon of vinegar, to one cup of water.


Don’t even get me started about jeans! I have so many jeans that, I could probably open up a clothing store and only sell jeans! (I have that many, not kidding) The reason for my obsession with jeans is because jeans (denim) in general are just flattering to me. Especially when you find that perfect pair of jeans, they really can flatter your body, and make your bottom half look amazing! My number one pet peeve is when people wear high-waters! Especially if your jeans are high-waters, that really irritates me!

When your jeans fade/shrink

Remember when I said what my number one pet peeve is, well, this is my pet peeve number two! I absolutely hate it, when my jeans fade or shrink or even when I lose them! Like, it’s so frustrating when you buy these nice pair of jeans, and then the color fades in the wash or they shrink! I mean my jeans are already tight as it is (not really) so I don’t need them to shrink even MORE! Now, whenever this happens, try not to panic like I do.  There are a few things your can do to prevent this!

  1. To avoid shrinking:  when your jeans are done washing, you can leave them on a table, or something to dry instead of putting them in the dryer to shrink.
  2. To avoid fading: turn your jeans inside out when washing them, so the dye doesn’t get on other stuff.

How tight is too tight

Now, I know you either do this or have seen people who have this. But, there is a difference between flattering and tight! When you KNOW your jeans are two sizes to small (or too big) then that my friend would be called too tight (or too big). When you tried your jeans on, and their snug and they feel all comfortable, then that when you know that your jeans flatter you.

cute denim from forever21 star printed denim destroyed denim forever21 gotta have faith forever21 nirvana from forever21 Love Struck forever21


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