How to get LONG Nails Faster

Sally Hansen nail growth Sally Hansen VitaSurgeI have a little confession to make…I constantly bite my nails. (I can’t help myself, it’s a habit!) But, with this habit, comes a loss of nails. So now my nails aren’t as long as they used to be, there now shorter than before! This is making me go insane, because I am obsessed with doing my nails and I want long nails! (I strongly dislike fake nails.) So, I have been traveling through the Internet, and CVS to see if I can find some products or tips on how to grow your nails! Well, here is exactly what I found:


Sally Hansen nail products are my all time favorite products to promote nail growth! I know, some other nail polishes say their make your nails extra long, but Sally Hansen is the way to go!  My top two favorite products are:

  1. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth: I literally bought this a week ago, and my nails are already visibly longer! Basically the Maximum Growth is a growth treatment that reinforces soft, bitten, weak or thin nails.  It even says on the boxy that you will get visible results in one week, and I did!
  2. Sally Hansen VitaSurge Growth Gel: I applied this gel over my nails daily, and it worked! My nails were visibly longer!

Home remedies

Now, if you trust the stuff at the store, then you can also make your own stuff to help your nail growth!

  • Olive oil: Take some of the oil in between your fingers and start massaging it around your fingers.  This will help deep condition and moisture your nails!  The massage will also help stimulate nail flow around your nail bed, which will help make them grow!
  • Soaking: This is another thing you can do with your olive oil. You can do this once a week, and all you have to do is soak your nails in olive oil for five minutes.
  • Protein: Biotin is protein that will help your nails grow. You can take them in pill form!

Stop the bite

Here are just a few things that can help you stop biting your nails, like I do!

  1. Gum: instead of biting your nails, chew gum!
  2. Lemon Juice: get some fresh limes/lemons, and squirt the juice into a bowl. Now dip your fingernails into the bowl, and then let them air dry.
  3. Nail polish remover: dip your nails in nail polish remover every morning; it makes them taste really nasty when you try to bite them!

Get strong nails

Okay, so now that your nails are long, you need to make sure that they’re strong as well!

  1. Sally Hansen’s No More Breaks: This will help make your nails super long, strong and your nails wont ever chip again!
  2. Yogurt and Calcium: every morning eats some yogurt, and some calcium. This will make your nails strong and grow faster.
  3. Bye Bye Acrylic’s: Don’t get acrylic nails, because they weaken your natural nails. Most people get them because their nails are weak, but acrylics are just going to make them weaker.

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