Wanelo/FreshTops-My New Obsessions


Want, Need and Love. That’s what Wanelo stands for! I recently found Wanelo online, and I’m totally obsessed! Wanelo is basically this site that advertises products from other sites! You can sign up to join, and then add products you love from your favorite websites to the feed! When you first get to the website, the homepage has all these products showcased in a block format. Then, above that it has these tags of what’s trending!

When you find a product that really cute, you can either save it to your epic wish list or you can buy it! Literally, you will be saving everything! Wanelo has the cutest stuff! The best part about it is that it’s not just clothes; it can be other stuff like, jewelry, shoes, makeup, iPhone cases and candy! Once you get to wanelo (WAH-NEE-LO) you’ll be hooked for life! (wanelo.com)


FreshTops are this new trendy online store! I don’t know if it’s an actual store, but I mainly just order their products online anyway! I actually found out about FreshTops from Wanelo, I saw a really cute sweatshirt from FreshTops on Wanelo! So I clicked on it and I instantly fall in love!  FreshTops has exactly that, fresh tops! They have the cutest crop tops and sweatshirts I’ve ever seen! Their products aren’t that expensive either!  This should be your number one destination if you need a gift for a friend, or teenage daughter!

wanelo lace shorts cute backpack hakuna matata sweatshirt stitch stweatshirts


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