The Look Book


Looking for some inspiration? Well you’ve come to the right place! Today I am going help you get inspired! I actually do this myself, and it’s pretty cool. So basically what I do is get a composition book, and I compile all my magazines and then cu

t out pictures of outfits or words that inspire me! I call it, The Look Book!

Inside scoop

I get some of my inspiration from quotes, and sometimes pictures. Most of the time, I put fashion in my Look Book. I keep up with the trends, I write them down, or cut out pictures of runway models and glue them in my notebook! I even write down what I was wearing that day, or I put a picture of it! To me, a Look Book is basically a diary for fashion!

How To

Making your own look book is very simple!

  • Get an empty notebook/composition book
  • You will need glue/tape and scissors
  • A LOT of fashion magazines
  • Now, cut out outfits, quotes or words and glue them into your notebook! (my pictures are all scatteredout.)

Your book doesn’t just have

to be pictures; it can also be a place where you keep track of your favorite outfits! Tell me how you get your inspiration!


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