Finding Your Personal Style


New year, new you and most importantly a new personal STYLE! I know I probably should have posted this earlier, but I felt since spring is approaching that now would be a better time! Now, since you know how to ‘Build Your Wardrobe’ and ‘How to Shop’, it’s time you learned how to find your personal style! I hope you’ve got a writing utensil and a notebook, cause you may need to take some notes!


Getting started


For some people trying to figure out their personal style may be easy, but other may have a harder time. I’m here to make it easier for everyone! First you need to think about your daily schedule.


  • Do you work week to week? Day to-day? If so, then your style might be more formal or dressy casual.
  • Do you have school? If so, then your style will be casual.
  • Do you do a lot of sports or working out?  If so, then your style will be more of a comfortable sporty look.
  • Do you attend a lot of red-carpet event and parties? If so then you may have a more glamorous or dressy style.


Those are a few things to put into consideration. You should also put into consideration what you like to do.  Do you like sports, shopping or staying at home? Where you are and what you do determines what you should wear doing those things.




Now, here is where my look Book comes into play. This book will help you get your inspiration from just about everything!  People are able to get inspiration from anything, and this look book is an important step for keeping up with the trends and finding your personal style! Use your look book as a guide!  MY number one pet peeve is people who try to copy other people. Say the person you look up too is Taylor Swift, or Kirsten Stewart.  Don’t try to completely copy them, just take some things that they do and guide yourself off of that!  Basically what I’m saying is don’t try to copy someone else’s style. It’s okay to have a different style then someone else, and it’s also okay if you have similar interests of someone else!


Following the trends


Following the trends can help you create your style!  If you see a trend that you like, then you should use that trend as a guide! But, if you don’t really like any of the trends then just follow your heart and what speaks to you! Okay, if you’re a total fashionista then you definitely should be following all the trends and making your wardrobe from them! Here are a few trends for spring:


  • Neon dresses: No one will be able to miss you with those bright colors on!
  • Graphic Tee’s: Grab a t-shirt with a cool graphic design on it, and your good to go!
  • Lacy Shorts: This is actually a DIY that you can do to your shorts! The lace definitely adds a romantic flare!
  • Patterned pants: These unique patterns will help spice up your wardrobe!


Time to shop


Now when you’re shopping, keep in mind of things that you need. After you’ve gotten a few t-shirts and jeans (the essentials), now you can go and get the things that really catch your attention! Keep in mind what your style is and what you prefer. You may be that person that likes dresses, or dressy tops, or you may like t-shirts and denim. Basically what I’m saying is, don’t stray to far from your area!


Where to shop


When you decide that you found your personal style and your ready to shop! Here are a few stores that may interest your style:


  • Forever21: Forever21 is cheap and very fashionable! Forever21 is always on trend! Check out their online store at:
  •  Brandy Melville USA: I recently just fell in love with Brandy Melville, because of their jewelry!  Check out their online store at:
  • Pacsun: If you love the Golden State of Mind, then this is the place to shop! Check out their online store at:
  • H&M: if you’re looking for a cheap but trendy alternative, then check out H&M! (
  • Victoria’s Secret:  I know this is mainly a lingerie store, but if you want the basics, then this is the place. Get your bras, tank tops, sweatpants, leggings, underwear and perfume! Check out their online store at: Victoria’s secret. Com.
  • Target: I LOVE target! You can get everything at target! Beauty products, shoes, and clothes! Surprisingly target has some really cute items and the price is even better! Check out your local target store
  • Wet seal: Wet seal has great sales, and easy pieces!  Check out!


Things to help


Check out my other posts, they might be able to help you!




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