How to Accessorize!

Now, were getting to the fun part: learning how to dress and accessorize! This is by far one of my favorite parts when it comes to fashion! Also, accessorizing your outfits is really fun! So, let’s get started!


Accessories can either make your outfit or completely ruin your outfit. You really have to choose your accessories’ wisely, because if you don’t it could be a waste of money.  But, if you’re looking for something that more reasonably priced, but still trendy then you need to check out Forever21! Forever21 has the cheapest jewelry I’ve ever seen, but their jewelry is also very trendy! I mean you just can’t go wrong with Forever21!

Shoes 101

Shoes are a must if you want to have a complete outfit. Shoes are definitely something that you can splurge on! A girl cannot have too many shoes! A classic shoe wardrobe consists of:

  • Flats: Flats are an essential! Flats are those go-to shoes when you feet are killing you! I especially love ballet flats, because you can just put a pair in your bag and then swop them out when your feet become uncomfortable.
  • Pumps: to me, pumps are classic. There can be some colorful and edgy pumps as well, but the ones I have are just plain black! So if you have a job interview and your running late, then just put these baby’s on and your good to go!
  • Boots: boots are now becoming an American classic! Everyone has boots, whether their heeled or flat boots the majority of people own either one.
  • Embellished/patterns: Shoes that are embellished definitely add some glamour to your outfit!  I love shoes that have the cheetah print patterns; they give your outfit a total wild side!

If you pair the wrong shoes with the wrong outfit, then you’ll go out regretting what you have on! When trying to match shoes, take a few things into consideration:

  • Color: is it a bright orange, or a mellow yellow?
  • Pattern: does it have a cool cheetah print pattern, or is it zebra print?
  • What type of shoe it is: is it an oxford, a pump or a boot?

Bags 101

Bags, bags and more BAGS! Everyone needs a bag or a purse. These things are the essentials people! Bags are good for holding your money, ID, lip-gloss, snacks and your keys! Here is a bag for every occasion:

  • Everyday bag: This bag is for everyday use! This bag should be comfortable to carry, it fits all your things, and most importantly it’s stylish!
  • Evening: To me, evening bags are those fancy bags. Their not too big but not too small, because you need to hold more than just your wallet and ID.
  • Oversized tote: These are my favorites! Oversized totes are great for the beach, and if you need to carry a lot of stuff then you might need this bag!
  • Travel: Travel bags are to me can range anywhere from duffel bags to suitcases.

Jewelry 101

To me, jewelry is something that should be inexpensive and irreplaceable.  My favorite pieces are earrings, because their small but they really help complete your look.  Most of the time, I like the embellished earrings, but I also like the ones that dangle.

Necklaces: I’m not for those necklaces that are heavy and really flashy. I’m good with a short or long necklace. But, when my necklaces are long, they don’t have a lot going on. They have a pendant or two but that’s about it. The same goes for my shorter necklaces.

Bracelets: Bracelets are very easy to mix and match. I love a good arm candy!

Rings: Every time I go shopping at Forever21, I have to get a ring! They have the cutest rings I’ve ever seen! Rings are definitely something that I love to mix and match. I’ll have multiple rings on each hand and they won’t clash!


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