March Beauty/Fashion Notebook


Now lets march into spring with a new attitude! Today I’m going to show you what’s in my fashion/beauty notebook!  The latest trends in fashion and beauty, and maybe even some DIY’S!


Spring may not be that hot, but get ready to sizzle in the latest shoe trends!

  • Neon: grab a pair of neon shoes to add some electricity to your outfit! My favorite shoe this spring is oxfords!
  • Details: score some major compliments by wearing shoes that have some funky details!  Bright neon floral and spikes will definitely get you noticed!
  • Metallic: too hot? Well then try some metallic flats to cool you down!
  • Bold prints: Trying to vamp up your wardrobe? Then try a bold print!

This spring, it’s all about a hot bottom! The best shorts for spring are coming your way!

  • High-wasted: these shorts will hit the smallest part of your waist! Add a bright belt to give more attention to your small waist!
  • Cut-offs: Just add some spikes, and you’ve got an edgy pair of shorts!
  •  Tropical floral: it will look like you just came from paradise!
  • Pencil skirts: Show off your assets with a bodycon skirt!
  • Vests: vibrant vests will definitely vamp up your style!
  • Cuffed jeans: these are a classic!


This season it’s not all about being perfectly pretty; the new hair trend is an haute mess!

  • Super sleek: this is super cute for spring. Just add some gel, and sleek it back.
  • Braids are the way: braids seem to never go out of style! Anyone can do a simple braid up-do (it’s just that simple.)
  • Rock your curls: if you have naturally curly hair, then keep it that way! Stop trying to keep bone straight, it’s ruining your beautiful hair texture!
  • A shorter cut is super cute: it’s not all about long thick hair. Try a shorter cut it’s still flirty!
  • Just teasing: to get that fluffy texture, just tease your hair! Who said a little teasing was wrong?
  • Dreads: pirates aren’t the only ones that can rock those dreads!
  • Haute mess: This is my favorite hair trend! Just give your topknot a messy side! You’ll be looking like an haute mess in no time!



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