What NOT to Wear to An Internship


Today it’s all about making an appearance in the office! What to wear and what NOT to wear at work! This can make or break your career; you have to look presentable for work!

The Don’ts

  • Flashy clothing: Have you ever been on a stage?  You remember when those bright lights come on and then suddenly you go blind? Well, that’s what flashy clothing does in an internship.  You want them to notice that you’re the right person for the job, not your flashy clothing!
  • Loud pieces: Hence the name loud pieces.  You know that loud person in school that was so loud you thought your ears would fall off.  Don’t do that to your wardrobe!
  • Party/casual attire: Major NO NO! Double negative! Don’t even think about wearing your party attire to an internship.
  • Tight clothing: just don’t. Point blank period. Don’t wear tight clothes; they don’t flatter anybody.
  • Unprofessional shoes: wearing sandal/flip flops to work or an internship is another major NO NO. I would go with heels for an internship, their classic and simple!
  • Wild hair:  Don’t do anything crazy with your hair. Keep it simple, straight, a simple ponytail, or a bun.
  • Heavy makeup: Heavy makeup is like flashy clothing or loud pieces! Keep it simple.

The dos

  • Basic pieces: A basic black dress or a suit will do you justice!
  • Adding Personality: instead of wearing flashy clothing to add some spark to your outfit. Just add some statement jewelry pieces; mix and match the colors to add your own personal touch!
  • Clothes that fit: Try on your clothes before you buy them! Make sure they fit before you buy.
  • Clean hair: If you need too, then wash your hair. I would simply straighten mine or either put it in a bun.
  • Closed toed heels: HEELS HEELS and MORE HEELS! 

I hope these tips help you score your dream job!

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