Fashion Friday: Top 5 Shoes From H&M

Happy fashion Friday! Today I am going to show you guys five of my favorite shoes from H&M! I hope you like these shoes because I really like them and their very affordable!  FYI I don’t know if you can find these shoes in stores because I found them online, so just be aware.


The first pair of shoes is high-top sneakers in imitation leather with a perforated pattern. I actually really like these sneakers and that’s unusual because I don’t wear a lot of sneakers. These sneakers I think I would rock them, because they’re not too busy and not too plain either!


What I love about these shoes is the color! That neon pop will add some color to your outfit and it’s also in trend! These shoes are fabric sandals with details in colored metallic imitation leather, fastener at ankle, and rubber soles. I feel like these shoes would go good with a long white jumper!


I LOVE these shoes! This pair is my favorite! These shoes are like sneakers and flats combined their perfect!  The lace adds that flirty feel to it!  The best part is that they are super affordable! What more could a girl ask for? You can either dress these shoes up or down I love versatility!


These sandals are perfect for spring/summer! Your toes are out and they topped it off with bright pink stripes! I mean come on, their amazing! They’ve got this whole nautical vibe and the wedge is just perfect! I could so see these shoes with a long flowing maxi dress!


I LOVE loafers! I love the look of loafers they just look so cool to me! These shoes are perfect for casual/everyday wear! These loafers are premium quality and they have a light green tassel! I definitely think the neon green adds a fun modern vibe!

hmprod-5 hmprod-1 hmprod hmprod-4 hmprod-2


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