What to Wear to Coachella!

Well it’s that time of the year again! The Coachella Music and Arts festival is well underway! My question is what will you be wearing at Coachella? Okay, so maybe you don’t live in California, but you can still have a Coachella vibe in your outfits!  So with that being said, here is what I would wear to Coachella:


A bright and sunny day outside call for some blouses and flowy tank tops!

1. The first one is a sleeveless V-neck blouse with lace at the top and a slightly longer back. I chose this top because it’s simple and you’ll have plenty of room to dance around in! This blouse is only $24.95 from H&M’s online store.

2. You can never go wrong with denim! So that’s why I chose this denim shirt that costs only $24.95 dollars.  I think this denim shirt is very versatile, you can pair it with jeans or a black skirt or even some leggings!

3. The reason why I chose tank tops is because they’re so simple but yet they are so versatile!  I really like the lace crotchet detailing on the front! This top is from good ole’ Target and it cost $16.99 dollars. 4.  I like this tank top because of the skull detailing on the front! This tank top is from Target and only costs $16.99 dollars.


5.   This is a gently flared lace skirt with a mesh waistband. I would totally wear a skirt of shorts to a music festival, because it’s confortable and easy to pair things with it!  I found this skirt at H&M’s online store and it was only $34.95 dollars. 6. I definitely think this skirt is perfect for Coachella because this Aztec looking print looks really cool and fun! I found this skirt online at H&M for only $17.95 dollars!  

7. This skirt kind of has the same vibe as the pink skirt!  This skirt is short fitted in stretch twill with a printed pattern and visible back zip. I would definitely wear this skirt maybe at nighttime when I’m out with my friends or something like that.  This skirt is from H&M’s online store and only costs $17.95 dollars.

8. These shorts have a cute floral pattern on them. These shorts are perfect for spring and Coachella! I found these shorts online at H&M for just $17.95 dollars!


9. Add some color to your day with these Moroccan Mint wayfarer style sunglasses by Roxy. These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection from the sun! I found these cool specs at Roxy’s online store for just $49.95!

10.  I LOVE these sunglasses because they look like those glasses that people from the Royal Air Force wear! These will definitely keep you shaded all day long! I found these sunglasses from Roxy’s online store for just $49.95 dollars.

11.  Since you’ll be all day rocking out to the amazing performing artists at Coachella, you’ll also need a big quirky purse to hold all your stuff! I found this quirky purse at Roxy’s online store for just $39.50 dollars! 

12.  I think this Aquarius bag is perfect for Coachella! It’s a long fringe messenger type bag; just sling it over your shoulder and your good to go! I found this bag at Roxy’s online store for just $48.00 dollars!


13. I LOVE this dress! Because it’s a racer back dress in washed denim with slender shoulder straps and fastener at back! This dress is one of those simple dresses that are very versatile and chic at the same time!  I found this online at H&M for just $24.95 dollars!

14.  I have heard that this dress is very comfortable! This dress is sleeveless in thick, textured jersey with a fitted bodice, waist seam and gently flared skirt. I absolutely love the color of this dress; it’s perfect for spring! I found this dress online at H&M for just $24.95 dollars.  

15. & 16. Of course, everyone needs that simple flowy dress! 15. I got this one from Roxy’s online store for just $39.50 dollars! 16. I got this one from Roxy’s online store for just $44.50 dollars!

coachella3 coachelkka1 coachella2 coachella5


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