4 DIY Mothers Day Gifts!


Today I’m going to show you guys some DIY Mothers day gifts! Since Mothers day is coming soon, I thought it’d be appropriate to show you guys some DIY’S! I think giving your mother a DIY gift is the best kind of gift you can give her because, it means that you really thought about her instead of just going to the store and buying her a bracelet or something! I hope you guys and your mothers like these DIYS tutorials!


Confetti Earrings

  • What you’ll need: –cardstock (decorative or plain). –Glue gun. –Thin gauge wire. –Earring hooks.
  1. Punch out your circles. You’ll need about ten or so.
  2. Just use tiny dabs of hot glue and start arranging and gluing your dots together in a linear fashion.
  3. Now clip a small piece of wire and hot glue onto your bottom circle.
  4. Now you hot glue the final dot to the other end of the wire.
  5. Attach your earring hooks!


Gold Tipped Flats

  • What you’ll need: -ballet flats. –Tape. –Gold spray paint. –Plastic bags.
  1. If your flats have a bow on them, then I would recommend cutting them off.
  2. Put tape on your shoes about 2-3 inches from the top. Now use the plastic bag and cover the rest of the shoe.
  3. Now spray the spray paint over your shoes. You may need a few coats depending on what type of material your shoes are.
  4. Let dry for about 15 minutes then peel the tape off! ($13, http://www.hm.com/us/product/06345?article=06345-J#article=06345-P)



Chic Totes

  • What you’ll need: –Canvass tote. –Fabric paint (any color of your choice). –Gold round studs (or any studs of your choice.). –Painters tape.
  1. Create a pattern on your tote using tape. (Stripes, zigzag, diagonal/vertical stripes, etc.)
  2. Paint both sides and let it dry.
  3. Now, wherever you feel best put your studs in.  Make sure you secure your studs!

Love Necklace

  • What you’ll need: -Craft wire. –Embroidery threads one skein. –Scissors. –Round nosed jewelry pliers. –Chain. –Clear nail polish. –Jump rings or jewelry clasps (optional). –Charm or tassel (also optional). –Ruler.
  1. 1.    Cut about ten inches of wire. Use the round nosed pliers and create a hook at the end of the wire.
  2. 2.    Lightly tie the thread near the loop you just made. You may want to tie the thread multiple times for extra security.
  3. 3.    Now lightly wrap the thread around the wire. Be sure to wrap the thread as tight as possible.
  4. Continue wrapping the thread until you’ve reached about 9 inches or so. Then tie a knot!
  5. Cut off the excess thread and secure the knot with clear nail polish and let dry.
  6. Now cut off excess wire and leave about half an inch. Use the pliers to create a loop just like you did earlier.
  7. Start creating an “L” at one end. Bend the wire to the left and wrap the wire back over to the right around the pliers.
  8. To make the “O”, just wrap the wire around the cap of a nail polish bottle.
  9. When you’ve finished with the “O”, make sure the wire is bending up.  Now sharply bend it down to begin the “V”.
  10. 10. Ben the wire backs up, then horizontally. This should create a “V”.
  11. 11.  Wrap the wire around and over the pliers for the “E”!
  12. 12.  Attach the chain to both ends.

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