Fashion Friday: Shorts From Forever 21!

Well it’s another fabulous Friday, which means its time for another fabulous Fashion Find! I have in store for you some amazing shorts from Forever 21! I hope you guys like the shorts, because I do, I think there fabulous! These shorts are perfect for heating up your everyday outfit! Okay, let’s get started!


  1. A pair of denim shorts with a striped pattern!  ($17.80, I’m a big fan of nautical this season!
  2. These are a pair of ombre shorts with tiered crochet overlay and a scalloped hem. ($22.80, Ombre is trending!
  3. A pair of Polka dot shorts with a pleated waist. They come in two colors dark navy/ivory or periwinkle/ivory. ($14.80, Polka dots will never go out of style!
  4. These are high-wasted denim cut offs with a stitched boho pattern at the front. ($29.80,
  5. These are a pair of lace-up floral cut offs. ($19.80, The rave this season is floral!
  6. These pair of shorts is from Love 21- Life in Progress Ganado print denim shorts. ($19.80,
  7. These embroidered floral shorts are very chic! ($19.80,
  8. A pair of high-waisted shorts with tropical floral print! ($17.80,
  9. A pair of distressed denim shorts! Perfect for summer!  You have three different colors to choose from, teal, royal or coral! ($12.80,
  10. 10.  Pair of denim cutoffs with contrast crochet detailing on the sides! ($19.80,
  11. 11.  These are a pair of studded distressed denim shorts. ($19.80,
  12. 12.  These are a pair of distressed denim shorts. ($12.80, Red is my favorite color!

prints floral denim distressed denim



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