MAJOR FIND: Forever21 Dresses!

I recently checked out Forever21’s online store, just to see if they had any new arrivals and they did! I just picked out a few of my favorite dresses from each section! Because FYI I’m having a major obsession over dresses! I wear them like every single day!

Boho Chic


This section has a lot different prints and most of their dresses have a flowy chiffon fabric. This section also includes accessories such as, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry! I don’t know if any of these dresses are in stores, but I did find them online so just out the link above!

boho chic



I’ve actually never heard of this word before, but I’m pretty sure it means feminine. Because these dresses are very soft and sweet with lots feminine details! But they also put a twist to it; they gave it a sporty edge. So sporty Femme, where the dresses are femme and the accessories are sporty!




This section includes dark colored dresses with bold prints and cutouts.  I especially love the Cutout Tie-Dye Midi Dress! They also have some Stiletto Cutout Booties to go along with some gold/faux leather jewelry!



XO-Hope you guys like these dresses!


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