4th-of-July Style With Forever21

The fourth of July is coming soon! So today I’m going to show you some fourth of July themed clothing/accessories that I found at Forever 21. I hope this helps you on the hunt to find the perfect outfit for the Fourth-of-July! And it’s all under $40 dollars!


  •  Fireworks Ready PeplumTube Top: I think this red/white striped peplum top is adorable! This top also comes with a faux leather waist belt and this top also comes in the color blue/white! (Forever21.com, $17.80)


  • Cutting Edge Combat Boots: I especially love these boots because it has my two favorite things! The color red and a cutout pattern!  (Forever21.com, $36.80)


  • Basic Peplum Mini Skit: I think this skirt is very fun and flirty and it’s peplum! I know peplum is literally everywhere! This skirt comes in three different colors, black, blue and red! (forever21.com, $8.80)


  • Polka Dot Halter Dress:  I think this dress is really fun and casual! The fabric is chiffon so it must be really comfortable. (forever21.com, $19.80)


  • Star-spangled Dog Tag: What can I say? It’s perfect! (foever21.com, $3.80)


  • sleeveless Chambray Romper: I’ve always wanted a denim romper! Since denim is on trend and rompers are just so cute for summer! (forever21.com, $29.80)


  • Yacht Ready Striped Canvas Flats: This simple accessory will never go out of style! Nautical never dies. (Forever21.com, $24.80)

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