Cheap But Chic: Crop Tops+Cut Offs From Forever21

Today I have more cheap but chic to show you! Today cheap but chic clothing all came from! The cut offs are all under $20 dollars and the crop tops are all under $16 dollars!

Crop tops

  • 00051857-02Lovely leopard crop top: Got to have that leopard print! IT will really bring out your inner wild child! (, $10.80)
  • 54010881-03Cross print Crop Top: I’m loving this allover cross print! This crop top comes in two different colors, white/black and black/taupe! (, $10.80)
  • 00128030-01Static Crop Top: Loving this semi-sheer chiffon crop top and its static print! (, $12.80)
  • 76622648-01Tribal Print Crop Top: Get your tribal on with this trendy crop top! (, $8.80)
  • 57873809-03Floral print crop top: Floral should never go to waste! (, $9.80)
  • 40496433-01NYC Muscle Tee: perfect tee if you live in NYC and if it’s the 4th of July. (, $14.80)

Cut offs

  • 36720081-11Frayed Denim cut offs: I lovethe colors of these cut-offs! They come in mint, black, pink and navy. (, $12.80)
  • 47809154-02Garden Rose Print Shorts: this allover garden print shorts! (, $17.80)
  • 57501943-01Tribal Print Denim Cut Offs: Again with this tribal print! Love it! (, $19.80)
  • 24660746-02Studded distressed denim shorts: Loving the studs on these shorts! (, $19.80)
  • 35924783-01Destroyed Acid Wash Shorts: I’m really into the whole destroyed distressed look. (, $19.80)


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