DIY Ombre Hair


Today you get sexy ombre hair! Try this flaming hot hair trend just for fun! Who knows, it might suit you.
Determine what style you want to go for.  Then consider whether you want to use bleach or a milder dye. Put on an old tshirt just in case you spill some  bleach/dye. Divide your hair half and half. Then section off the hair getting dyed!
First Layer
Step one: prepare your bleach/dye the way that is directed on the package.
Step two: apply the color mixture to the tips of your hair. If you have a brush that was provided by the kit then use that. Or you could also use gloves and just apply the product with your hands.
Step three: wrap hair foil around the tips of your hair.
Step four: keep it on your hair for 20 minutes or however long it says on the box. If you want a copper tone then leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
Step five: now wash and dry your ends!
Second Layer
Step one:
divide your hair half and half again.
Step two: now put the lightening product into your hair.
Step three: comb the product through the ends of your hair.
Step four: now you should foil your ends again.
Step five: now do the same thing you did for the first layer and remove the foil after 20 to 30 minutes.
Step six: wash your hair, but this time use water and shampoo. And then dry your hair!


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