Buy It And Try It: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara


Good afternoon,


Today I am going to show you guys my latest beauties find!  I recently went to my local Harris Teeter store and checked out the beauty isle.  I know the grocery store is a pretty odd place to find your beauty because usually you’d find your beauty at a beauty store. But I was just being same ole me! So I checked out the beauty isle and I stumbled (no I really did trip) upon this new Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara!  I had seen the commercial for it and how it won’t make your lashes clumpy and all that bad stuff, so I decided why not buy it and try it!


So I took this little bad boy home with me and applied it to my lashes! I loved the brush, because it wide but not to wide and it didn’t curve or anything it was just a regular one! I don’t like those mascara that curve up or down because they don’t give you full lashes (in my opinion). So this one was perfect! It combed through my lashes perfectly and made them Voluminous! It definitely gave my lashes a clean finish with no clumps! I would recommend this product for any and every event! This product was also very inexpensive! (, $8.99) SO if your looking for new mascara products to try then try this one! I give it a 5/5!


I hope everyone has a blessed day! And I just wanted to apologize for not posting in a long time, I’ve just been really busy lately and I promise I’ll come back! I’m planning to post a whole lot of back to school stuff and some back to school hauls!



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