Back To School: Forever21 Locker Essentials

Hi everyone,

Today were going back to school with Forever21! All the products that I am about to show you are from! I know not all of us are going back to school, but some of us are so here’s a little help to stay geekly chic this school year!  Well let’s get started!


I found these really adorable notebooks!

  • 00140217-02Owl Lover Notebook costs about $4.80, and for some reason I have been obsessed with owls lately!
  • 00051248-02Mustache Notebook costs $4.80! I love inexpensive things so the fact that all of these products don’t cost more than ten dollars is amazing!


Everybody needs a cosmetic bag to hold her makeup essentials! I picked out a few of their cosmetic bags that I liked but they have many more to choose from!

  • 35217551-02Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag lets face facts polka dots never go out of style so this bag is a must-have! This bag costs $6. 80!
  • 79254741-02Whatever striped cosmetic bag, I really like this one because it’s sassy! It says what on one side and then ever on the other and the pink/white stripes are a plus! This bag costs $8.80!
  • 00074539-01Cosmetic Brush Set: This is a complete set! A must have essential that only costs $6.80.
  • 00051816-01Magnifying Travel Mirror: Everyone needs a mirror to do check ups in between classes! This one costs $2.80.
  • 00050433-01Black Mascara: everyone needs a regular ole mascara! Try this black one, but if you like name brand mascaras better then just get one of those! This one costs $3.80.
  • 00050300-05Scented Body Lotion: Stay smelling fresh with this scented body lotion! This one costs $4.80.
  • 62387807-01Beauty Book: This makeup palette will add a sweet shimmering glow to your look! This palette costs $9.80.
  • 00050976-04Sweet Flavored Lip Balm: Keeps your lips moisturized and smelling sweet during class! This lip balm costs $2.80.
  • 50796734-01Westside LA Face Palette: this palette features three eye shadows , blush and four lip glosses. This palette costs $5.80.
  • 40495770-0160 Makeup Remover Tissues: Everybody needs a makeup remover just incase something goes wrong and you need to start over! So try this one with aloe extract for just $4.80!
  • 49256929-02Sparkling Lip Gloss: keep those lips glossy! This costs $1.80 and comes in multiple colors.


Stay stylish while carrying a chic new backpack! I love these backpacks at Forever21!

  • 60197538-02Sweet Polka Dot Backpack: Like I said before polka dots are both chic and timeless! Try this one for just $29.80.
  • 62231559-02Street-chic backpack: I love this one because it’s simple and you can add accessories to it! This costs $27.80.
  • 00075418-01Cool Cross Print Backpack: I love the print on this backpack! This only costs $29.80. 

Well I hope you guys liked it! Tell me your fave item in the comments below! (all the pictures are from and I found all these products online!)

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