TREND ALERT: Cameo Prints and Leather

Major fall fashion trend ALERT!

I am super excited for this fall/winter because I can already see a glimpse of what the trends are going to look like! Okay so in my crystal ball I am seeing a lot of cameo/military and leather!  I’m telling you now this fall/winter are going to be amazing! So let’s get started!


I recently checked out Forever21’s online store and I saw a whole lot of cameo print! I absolutely love cameo print because it gives a kind of military look to your outfit!

  • 76016427-02Cutout Cameo Dress:  This dress has two things that are really hot right now: Cutouts and cameo print!  ($22.80,
  • 00051540-02Cameo Utility Jacket:  Utility jackets are hot right now! ($37.80,
  • 62047791-03Total Stud Cameo Flats: I love flat because they’re easily accessible.  I love the studs on these flats! ($24.80,
  • 49257107-02Must-Have Cameo Utility Jacket: the name says it all! ($34.80,
  • 73316521-01Sporty Cameo Sweatshirt:  Just a causal sweatshirt to pair with some leggings and your good to go! ($19.80,
  • 00051849-01Desert Cameo Leggings: and of course you can’t have too many pairs of leggings! ($10.80,


I love leather especially in leggings and shoes!

  • 59447136-03Studded Faux Leather Moto Jacket: Leather jackets are the best! ($42.80,
  • 72339375-02A-line Faux Leather Skirt: This skirt comes in two colors! ($17.80,
  • 58987124-05Secret Rebel Moto Jacket: I love red leather it’s super sexy! ($22.80,
  • 73106027-03Street Chic Plimsolls: These leather sneakers come in five different colors! I bought this in store and I love them! ($9.80,

Hope you guys liked it! What’s your favorite fall trend? (all the photos are from


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