Product Review: Charlotte Russe Accessories


Hi Gorgeous,

So today I’m going to show you guys some of my latest finds! I recently did some shopping and I am now going to rate the latest products in my closet! I’m going to give each new product a review and tell you a little bit about it! I hope you guys like it; I’m trying something new! So let’s get started!


Item #1:

Chiffon Link & Pearl Layered Necklace. I really like the mix of chiffon fabric and pearls! It gives the necklace a sweet girly texture to it and I think it’s absolutely adorable! The product came in perfectly it’s not damaged or anything! Rate: 10/10!

Item #2:

Studded Cuff Bracelet Set. Again another accessory to add a girly texture to any outfit! Now to get more wear out of this bracelet set just use each individual bracelet for a different outfit or you could use it as a set!  Rate: 9/10!

Item #3

Pleather Bow Cuff Bracelet. Red is my absolute favorite color!  It’s saucy and sexy at the same time! And I am kind of having a huge obsession with bows lately! I just think there so adorable and fun! Rate: 10/10! This bracelet fits me perfectly!

            Item #4

 Scripted Love Statement Necklace. What can I say? I LOVE love! I think this is a perfect accessory for my closet I could pair it with anything! I think this accessory is very versatile! Rate 10/10!

FYI I bought all these products online at!

I hope you guys like my product review! I hope all you guys are having a blessed day and thanks for reading my blog! (all the opinions are mine and yes I did purchase these products. and the photos belong to me.)


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