Back To School Fashion Haul: Forever21


Hi everyone,

I recently did some extreme shopping and I wanted to share with you the items that I bought! Of course since the summer is coming to a close I got some stuff for the fall so it’s mainly long sleeves and knits. So let’s get started!


1. This is a regular plaid shirt and the main color is red. I got this because plaid/flannel seemed like a trending item recently so I bought it! I paired it with this long sweater shirt to add a pop of color! Just pair items number: 1, 3 and 4 with a pair of black leggings and your good to go!

2. This I am absolutely obsessed with sweater sets! I know that sounds really cheesy but I just like sets! To me it’s a preplanned outfit, it goes together or you could mix and match but either way it still looks cute!  I just think it’s perfect for fall!

DSC019343.This is a long sleeve sweater with leather cross in the middle. This sweater is really low in the back and somewhat high in the front a perfect pair with leggings! The knit fabric is soft and comfy!

4. I am in LOVE with these leather sneakers! Remember how I said leather would be a fall trend, well here ya go! These shoes were inexpensive and they’re so chic!

5.This I actually got on sale so it may not be in stores anymore.  But as you can see I kind of have an obsession with polka dots! I just think their super girly and flirty! Just pair this with number 6 and some neutral flats and your looking mighty flirty!


6. I love this sweater because it reminds me of Monsters, Inc. I still haven’t seen Monsters University! But this is just a simple knit sweater and might I add that they’re sweaters are extra soft and comfy!

7. I loved collared shirts and I don’t think they’re going anywhere soon! This one has cute little flower detailing on the color and I just love it!

8. And of course more and more polka dots! I love these jeans because one it has polka dots all over them and two they have rips in them.  So not only do they look adorable they kind of have that casual feel to it. So just pair numbers 7 and 8 with some cute sandals!

All of these products were purchased in store and yes all of these products belong to me and the pictures belong to me.

I hope you guys like it! Tell me in the comments below which item was your face! Have a blessed day!

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