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I’m so excited to introduce to you guys, my most recent products for my store on Etsy!  My store is called ShopCuties, you should definitely check it out! My store is basically just making cute products for you to enjoy! That’s why I named it ShopCuties!  ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopCuties  )

My first item is the Boxy Cosmetic Bag! This bag is 11″ by 8″  and it does stand up so you have more room to put your stuff in! The outside is a teal/cream chevron/zigzag pattern and the inside is filled with green, purple, teal and lime colors flowers! This cosmetic bag is the perfect size for all the things you need! you can put makeup, supplies, just about anything in this bag!

My second product is a clutch purse!  This purse is 10″ by  5″ and can travel with you anywhere! This adorable Sunflower Bow Clutch has a matching bow on the front of it and a matching wristlet on the side! I love this purse because it’s so cute, affordable and stylish! Any person of any age can flaunt this clutch around with them!

You can find all these items at:( https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopCuties )


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